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SmarTone completes first bond offering

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Smartone Prepaid Card

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Once purchased, GlobalData's highly qualified team of company analysts will comprehensively research and author a full financial and strategic analysis of SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited including a detailed SWOT analysis, and deliver this direct to you in pdf format within two business days.

Sep 10,  · SmarTone is the smallest provider in Hong Kong but has been rated one of the best for its service. It offers 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE services for GSM international phones.

Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased from official stores and approved resellers and. Nov 20,  · SmarTone CARE allows you to manage your account and enjoy exclusive privileges with just one tap.

SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Ltd

It is the must-have app for all SmarTone customers to stay tuned for updates of our new services, hot offers and promotions/5(K).

* Under FUP (Fair Usage Policy), when monthly data usage reaches the plan's data allowance, data service continues without speed throttling or data capping, but access to network resources will be given lower priority and data service experience may be affected.

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SmarTone provides a great range of G/4G LTE/3G mobile plans to suit different needs. Enjoy SmarTone's 5S Powerful Network by upgrading to FUP unlimited data!

Smartone business plan
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